Junior Coaching Session

Junior Coaching Session

Coaching Sessions

The club runs beginner courses which are used to introduce those new to the sport, paddling safely and feeling confident. These courses aim to take paddlers to the stage where they are safe enough to paddle independently with other club members.

Groups tend to form up from these sessions which provide further on-going coaching but each paddler’s progress, aims and expectations will be different.

Juniors typically stay in junior groups and are coached until they reach the stage where they are training at quite a high standard with adult training groups. (Juniors are not allowed to paddle alone). Adults however, may, once feeling confident and when deemed safe start to venture out alone or in small groups in good weather.

Paddlers can and have been coached within the club right up to international level and there is a wealth of expertise within the club to achieve this.

The club relies on volunteer coaches but:

‘You don’t have to be an amazing paddler to be a coach!’

The club is reliant on coaches to bring in new paddlers and enable them to get the most out of our fantastic sport. Few paddlers in the club can say that here is nothing left for them to learn as the sport has so many angles.

Becoming a good coach is a process, you don’t wake up one day having done a course and say I now know how to coach. You can start by passing on some of the tips that others have given you. Start with the ones that seem to have worked the best rather than the ones you couldn’t quite work out. Getting involved assisting a more experienced coach might be your next step. You might not even be on the water, you might never paddle yourself!

Our Coaches are all volunteers please join us in passing on our love of paddling.

Guidelines for Coaching in our particular venue at Worcester Canoe Club along with the Code of Conduct for coaches can be found here:

Coaching Guidelines 2016

This is essential reading for our club coaches to ensure we have a common and safe approach to coaching.