The primary function of this safety plan is to enable Worcester Canoe Club to care for the safety of its club members, other water users and the public.

  1. Key Safety Rules for Members
  2. The Local Waters – Plan highlighting hazards, guidelines for navigation and emergency access points
    1. This plan has been prepared by the Riversports Association and provides a guide for both rowers and canoeists on our home waters  Final PDF Safety on the Severn. Please ask experienced paddlers about the local environment if you are unfamiliar with the area.
  3. Guidance to Members when taking part in Club Events
  4. Follow this link for the Clubs Health and Safety Policy
  5. Follow this link for the Clubs Child Protection and Screening Policy
  6. Paddling the Winter / In the Dark – see Key Safety Rules
  7. Life Saving – Emergency Procedures
  8. Reporting Incident – Members are encouraged to report incidents that either did or may have resulted in injury to any club members or 3rd party. The following reporting is encouraged:
    1. Enter details in the accidents and near miss book located with the first aid kit in the lounge.
    2. Report the incident to a member of the committee, ideally the Safety Officer
    3. To the British Canoeing using the BC incident report form.
    4. Incidents involving rowers may also be reported to:
      1. Worcester Rowing Club and / or
      2. WRGS School Rowing and / or
      3. The Riversports Association and / or
      4. British Rowing through their incident report form
  9. Instructions for Emergency Services – If calling Emergency Services please inform them of:
    The nature of the incident

    1. The address which is Worcester Canoe Club, Grandstand Road, WR3 1EJ If you are at the club you will find the postcode on the canoe club sign above the boat house doors.
    2. If the incident is elsewhere on the river consult the map of venues
  10. Important / Emergency Phone Numbers
  11. Nearest Phone Points
    1. The nearest public phone is at in the city centre (very far – seek assistance from the rowing club first)
  12. First Aid Equipment
    1. A first aid box is located in the Lounge
    2. There is a Defib machine located at the Rowing Club Boathouse – the access code is written on a green notice on the inside of all the doors of the club