Child & Vulnerable Adults Protection

The Club has a Child Protection Officer who should be the first point of contact if you have any concerns whatever about the welfare of any young or vulnerable person at the club

The Current Child & Vulnerable Adults Protection Officer is Lewis Jackson and he can be contacted on 07531 442 773. He will treat any contact you have with complete discretion.


Information and links relating to Child Protection can be found below:

Worcester Canoe Club – WCC Safeguarding Children Policy (inc. appendix) 2023-24

Worcester Canoe Club – WCC Safeguarding Adults Policy (inc appendix) 2023-24

Worcester Canoe Club is fully committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of its members. All members should show respect and understanding for the rights, safety and welfare of others, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the Club. We believe that taking part in Paddle sport should be a positive and enjoyable part of children’s lives and to achieve this we have the following guidance:

  • Club coaches and helpers should follow the British Canoeing Code of Ethics. (Accessible on the British Canoeing Website).
  • All club coaches, helpers and officials, working with young people should read and adhere to the British Canoeing Child Protection and Harassment Policy. (Accessible on the British Canoeing Website). The Club will follow the guidance of the policy in the event of any concerns or allegations.
  • The Club will ensure that anyone working or volunteering with children and young people, where this occurs more than once, or on a regular basis, or having direct supervision or management of someone working in Paddlesport undertake a DBS Enhanced Disclosure check for the Child Workforce. If a person works or volunteers with children in an unsupervised capacity, they will require a DBS Enhanced Disclosure and Barred List check for the Child Workforce.
  • All Club members are made aware of the Club Codes of Conduct.
  • The Club will obtain written medical details of young paddlers which will be made known to coaches, where deemed appropriate, and/or necessary.
  • Any paddler who coaches for the Club should be a member of the British Canoe Union. The Club will encourage and support helpers to gain qualifications and assist coaches to stay updated.
  • The Club will identify a Welfare Officer whose role it is to deal with any issues concerning Child Protection and Harassment and notify this person to all members. Anyone with concerns with respect to Child Abuse or Harassment should contact that person. If that person is unavailable they can contact the Deputy Welfare Officer, Club Chairman, or the British Canoeing Child Protection/Harassment Officer. Contact details are available on the Club noticeboard and on the website.
  • All Club members will follow safety guidance regarding changing rooms. A Senior member must not get changed when alone in the changing room with Juniors. There must be at least one other senior member present. (This does not apply to a parent being alone in the changing room with their own child). If the above situation arises, the person in the changing room first should finish getting changed whilst the other person waits outside, or gets changed in a private space (eg. cubicle), or until another adult is present.
  • The Club will adopt and regularly review a Health and Safety Policy.
  • The Club will review this policy annually.

Child and Vulnerable Adults Consent Form

Worcester Canoe Club – Child and Vulnerable Adults Consent Form 2023-24

No children under 18 years of age (or Vulnerable Adults) will be allowed to participate in club activities unless a copy of this form signed by a parent or guardian is held on club records.

Junior Safety Assessment

Child Protection Officer Job Description

The Club Welfare Officer is responsible for acting as a source of advice about safeguarding and protecting children, promoting good practice and for coordinating action within the Club on receipt of any concerns or referrals.

Guidelines for use of Photographic and Filming Equipment

Worcester Canoe Club – Guildlines for photography 2023-24

The media and/or professional photographers wishing to record an event or activity should register with the Canoe Club Committee Member accompanied by proof of their professional identification. This should be in advance of the event to be filmed.

Anyone wishing to take zoom photographs or video at focus youth events should register with a Canoe Club Committee Member. Organisers may wish to issue a label to highlight those who have been accredited.