Please DO NOT drill a hole in your new key card.  It will stop them working.


Club key holders should be aware that the rear entry door has changed and that their existing key will no longer work. New keys can be exchanged for old keys by contacting Fess – who will be at the Club on Sunday morning at 9am or Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5pm until 6pm.

April Regatta 2018

Some of our Juniors and U23 paddlers attended the national regatta at Nottingham on the 14th and 15th of April, there were many successes, along with some new personal bests set, even if the conditions were not optimum. Well done to all participants and good luck to all racing this season.

Waterside A

Well done to all Worcester paddlers who have taken part in the Waterside series and good luck to all doing the latter Waterside races and Devizes to Westminster this year. There was a good turn out for the first race of the series, with Pascal and Kieron taking 3rd in Junior K2, Paul and Gary taking 14th in Senior K2, Bob and Daryl taking 22nd in Veteran K2 (their first ever race), and Katie placing 14th in Ladies K1.

Worcester Ring Challenge


The Worcester Ring Challenge is our 15 or 20 mile circular event through the beautiful Worcestershire countryside.  This year it is on Saturday 14 July 2018 and entries are open.  You can speed round (the record in a K1 is under 3 hours) or cruise it.  It’s a challenge either way.  Racing boats, open canoes, SUPs, tourers, sea kayaks, everyone is welcome.

Individual Hasler Points

Below is the table showing the Hasler points which have been collected so far this year:

Name: Total Hasler Points:
Katie Brookes 155
Claudia Chester 98
Amy Green 95
John Parker 94
Christopher Skellern 83
Victoria Young 76
Andrew Nevitt 73
Mike Hawthorn 70
James Parker 68
Sue Hawthorn 64
Ben Dolling 55
Pascal Bauer 55
Mika Herz 53
Jurgen Bauer 50
Janet Parker 49
Ruby Needham 48
Matt Wooliscroft 45
Kieron Killey 45
George Mitchell 40
Margaret Noke 39
Mike Case 37
Paul Teer 37
Robin Powell 35
Ian Smith 35
Mick Moran 35
Andy Holmes 35
Russell Needham 35
Adrian Trickett 34
Andy Cole 28
Peter Killey 20
Jonathon Bird 19
Jenny Illidge 19
Nerijus Burrakis 19
Dave Walsh 18
Louis Smith 18
Darren Corden 18
Mike Gandy 17
Liz Young 16
Jayne Moran 16
Michael Fudger 16
Lily Grover 15
Mac Trickett 15
James Wilson 14
Matthew Howard 13
Callum Adair 10
David Smith 9
Simon Davies 9
John Talbot 1
Anthony Nolan 1
Jonathon Cave 1