Worcester Marathon Race Sunday 14th May

Hi All

I have just added the Worcester race details here – hoping to see a big entry from Worcester, i am sure over the next week or so Jayne and Andy will be recruiting helpers, please volunteer to make their life easier.



Spring Training Plan

Hi All

I have just uploaded the Spring Training plan here. As ever it is subject to modification bearing in mind river level, wind, rain or who’s paddling! Ryan and Sue have done their best to formulate a plan that makes us all go fast but that accommodates a range of paddlers. You will be pleased to see some newer sessions we’ve not done before for variety along with some old favorites.

Ryan may have some updates as he is looking at tying it up with what George Mitchell is doing. Ryan will be coaching the juniors from the bank on Mondays and Tuesdays, I am sure adults are welcome to join in but an up the river and back group session is also set.

This block is mainly about increasing the intensity then the next plan will most certainly include more speed work to really bring our speed up. All the time mixing and matching with other sessions.

We hope you enjoy these sessions and have fun …remember be nice to each other….contrary to popular belief its about everyone going faster not just beating our club mates!!!

‘Mini Head’ – Sunday 5th Feb

Please be aware that Worcester Rowing Club are running a ‘Mini Head’ on the river this Sunday, 5th Feb.

This is not a formal event but there may be slightly more boats on the river including two marshalling catamaran. Boats will be launching from 8.30am with crews departing from The Camp Pub from 9.30am onwards. It is expected it will all be finished by 10.30am.

Please take extra care if you intend using the river during this time.