Worcester Hasler entries now open

Entry is now open for Worcester Halser on the 8th of May. We are aware of an issue with the online payment system so will be taking payments on the day and not charging the paying on the day fee however if you could please bring cash that would be very much appreciated.

With Worcester also hosting the marathon national championships this is an excellent opportunity to come and try out the course.

More Info: https://entries.gbcanoemarathon.co.uk/entries/148

Summer paddling times


As the days are getting longer please feel free to come down and get involved in some club sessions:

Fast group 

Standard – Div 1-4

Contacts – Dave Pedlar

Training / Paddling Times

Generally, the div 1-4 group aims to meet Sun on the water for 9:30am, and Wed on the water for 6pm. Some of the keener ones paddle on other days but not at fixed times. If anyone wants to join in, it is best to turn up on a Wed or Sun, and ask about other times and whatsapp groups.

Big Club sessions

Standard – Div 4 – 6

Contacts – James Parker  , Mick Moran  

Training / Paddling Times 

   Mondays – arrive by 6pm on the water soon after usually by 6:15

   Wednesdays – arrive by 6pm on the water soon after usually by 6:15 

    Friday – arrive by 5:00pm on the water 5:15

    Sunday – on the water 9:30

Wednesday morning Retirees and Shift workers

Standard – up to over 80s cruising plus fast retirees divs 4-6ish

Contact – James Parker  Robin Powell 

  Wednesdays 9am on the water – up to over 80s cruising

  Wednesdays 9:30 am on the water – fast retirees


Standard – typically moving on from beginners – generally make it to Bevere and back without falling in 

Contact – Mick Moran

Tuesdays – arrive 6 on the water for 6:15

Adult Beginners

Standard – for complete beginners with an view to progress to joining club sessions

Contact – coachingcoordinator@hotmail.com

Tuesdays – arrive 6 on the water for 6:15

Kids Club & Family Night

Standard – Beginners through to joining adult groups

Contact – coachingcoordinator@hotmail.com

Thursdays 6pm – 7 /7:30