Brilliant turn out at Hereford

Worcester got an excellent turn out at Hereford with 26 paddlers racing and finished on 220 points in second place behind Hereford who finished with 234 points.

The official results can be found here.

Lots of Worcester paddlers finished on the podium and some got promotions. In K1 Pascal Bauer finished 3rd in division 3, Mike Case finished 2nd in division 6, Maggie Noke finished 3rd in division 7 and got promoted to division 6, Victoria Young finished 2nd and Amy Green finished 3rd in division 8 and both were promoted to division 7.

In K2 Chris Skellern and Fess came 2nd in division 5 and were both promoted to division 4.

Results of Worcester Paddlers in K1:

Paddler Division Position
Pascal Bauer 3 3rd
Ian Smith 3 4th
Jurgen Bauer 4 6th
Matt Wooliscroft 5 5th
Mike Case 6 2nd
Dave Walsh 6 6th
Margaret Noke 7 3rd
Paul Teer 7 4th
Andy Cole 7 6th
Janet Parker 7 9th
Victoria Young 8 2nd
Amy Green 8 3rd
Liz Young 8 8th
Robin Powell 9 15th

Results from Worcester Paddlers in K2:

Paddlers Division Position
Sue Hawthorn Mike Hawthorn 4 4th
Mike Moran Andrew Holmes 4 5th
Katie Brookes Lucy Guest (LIN) 4 6th
Chris Skellern Fess 5 2nd
Jayne Moran Mike Fudger 5 5th
Claudia Chester Andy Nevitt 5 7th

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