Burton Hasler Race 2017

Worcester had some stand out performances at the Burton Hasler race on Sunday with a good range of paddlers competing from division 3 to division 9.

Four Worcester paddlers picked up prizes at the event with John Parker taking the win in division 3, Katie Brookes winning division 5 and securing a promotion to division 4, Victoria Young came in second in division 8 and Kieron Killey won the award for being the fastest junior after finishing 5th in division 3.

Other Worcester paddlers also raced well on the day with Andy Nevitt and Matt Wooliscroft also racing in division 5 with Andy coming 16th and Matt coming 9th in a large race with 17 competitors, Peter Killey finishing 13th in division 8 and Liz Young finishing 8th in division 9.

Well done to the Worcester paddlers who raced on the weekend.

Some photos can be found below:


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